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X-Mame the UNIX/X11 port of Mame project.
It makes Mame arcade emulator available on *ix machines using the
X11R6 X-Window system (and Linux ones using SVGAlib too).

Mame is a virtual machine emulator: it includes a Z80, 6502, 68000 and
lastly I86 uP emulators, joined to several arcade machine hardware
emulators. Each arcade emulator contains a full description about
hardware, mem maps, video, sounds and so, making possible that if
you have original ROM images of a supported arcade game, you can
play the game.

Last Release Notes:
Mon 29 May 2006 12:00:00 PM CEST   Arnaud G. Gibert <arnaud@rx3.net> 0.106-1rx3
- Update to 0.106.
- Update cheat.dat to 0.106.
- Update mameinfo.dat to 0.106.
- Update history.dat to 1.06p.
- Update catver.ini to 0.106u2 (from http://www.progettoemma.net/?catlis).
- Update xmame-x11rc, xmame-SDLrc config files (a lot !).
- Update xmess-x11rc and xmess-SDLrc config files (a lot !).
- Fix a parallel building bug by patching src/cpu/cpu.mak.
- Add XMame tools: jedutil in xmame-base.

Sub-Package List:

   xmame-0.106-1rx3.src.rpm   xmame-base-0.106-1rx3.i586.rpm   xmame-SDL-0.106-1rx3.i586.rpm   xmame-x11-0.106-1rx3.i586.rpm

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