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A Gtk+ front end for X-M.A.M.E.


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GXMame is a GTK+ based front end for X Mame (X version of the Multiple Arcade
Machine Emulator) It allows you to create a game list using your current
executable of mame, display specific games (neo-geo, CPS1/2, working,
by version...), view the status of a game, change its preferences and launch it.

Available rpmbuild rebuild options :
--without : joystick

Last Release Notes:
Thu 19 May 2005 12:00:00 PM CEST   Arnaud G. Gibert <arnaud@rx3.net> 0.35.beta2-1rx3
- Update to 0.35 beta2:
        - Fixed a bug in the listinfo parser (xmame <= 0.81) that switched CPUs
          with sound CPUs.
        - Use standard GTK+ about dialog if GTK+ version >=2.6.0
        - Several Gnome HIG fixes (William Jon McCann)
        - Various GTK2 cleanups (William Jon McCann)
        - Preferences dialog revamp (William Jon McCann)
        - Image handling code overhaul (William Jon McCann)
        - Try to use system theme images if possible (William Jon McCann)
        - Get rid of deprecated toolbar API (William Jon McCann)
- Update and Fix %file section.

Sub-Package List:

   gxmame-0.35.beta2-1rx3.i586.rpm   gxmame-0.35.beta2-1rx3.src.rpm

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