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# $Revision: 1.6 $
# $Name: mqssave-2_0_0 $
# $Date: 2009/01/05 17:40:17 $
# $Author: agibert $


	- Just type: "javac" !


	- You only need the MQSSave.class file.


	MQSSave [-qm "Input_QueueMng_Name"] [-cc] [-cs "character_set"] [-st "sleep_time"] [-mb "message_break"] [-cm] [-tm] [-mbtm] [-bem] [-ms "message_skip"] [-mc "message_count"] [-rc "repeat_count"]  

	Default: Input QueueMng Name: ()   Character Convert: (false)   Character Set: (1208)   Sleep Time: (0)   Message Break: (\r\n)   Copy Mode: (false)   Trim Mode: (false)  MsgBreak Trailer Mode: (false)   Best Effort Mode: (false)   Message Skip: (0)   Message Count: (0)   Repeat Count: (1)


	- Optional arguments:
	  -qm   "Input_QueueMng_Name":	   Name of the queue manager to use,
	  -cc   "character_convert":	   Switch on the caracter conversion (Set the MQGetMessageOptions to MQC.MQGMO_CONVERT),
	  -cs   "character_set":	   MQMessage character set,
	  -st   "sleep_time":		   Delay between message sending,
	  -mb   "message_break":	   String used as message separator,
	  -cm   "copy_mode":		   Don't remove messages from queue,
	  -tm   "trim_mode":		   Remove trailing spaces at the message end,
	  -mbtm "msg_break_trailer_mode":  Add a message break at the end of the last message,
	  -bem  "best effort mode":	   Skip errors and continue to save the next message,
	  -ms   "message_skip":		   Number of message to skip before to start the saving,
	  -mc   "message_count":	   Number of message to save,
	  -rc   "repeat_count":		   Number of time the whole process (start of file + skip + save) should be repeated.

	- Mandatory arguments:
	  :		   Name of the output file to save to,
	  :	   Name of the input message queue to save from.


	- MQSSave has been tested with WMQ 6.0.

	- "-mb" argument accept a string with formated escape character:
		+ "\n" for newline,
		+ "\r" for return,
		+ "\t" for tabulation,
		+ "\\" for \.

	- Message break is used for message separator the batch file.

	- Windows text files: newline is specified as "\r\n",
	- Unix text files: newline is specified as "\n".

	- When trim mode is enabled (by setting "-tm" command line switch), all the trailing spaces are removed.

	- By default Message break is "\r\n",

	- This software is under the GNU General Public License. See GNU-GPL.txt.

Usage Example:

	- To save the messages of the MQ/Series "SWIFT-QUEUE" queue into a swift batch file "swift-batch.txt" with "---MESSAGE-BREAK---" message separator use:
		java MQSSave -mb "---MESSAGE-BREAK---\r\n" swift-batch.txt SWIFT-QUEUE

	- To save 10 times the third message of the MQ/Series "SWIFT-QUEUE" queue into a swift batch file "swift-batch.txt" with "---MESSAGE-BREAK---" message separator without removing it from the queue use:
		java MQSSave -mb "---MESSAGE-BREAK---\r\n" -cm -ms 2 -mc 1 -rc 10 swift-batch.txt SWIFT-QUEUE

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