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DVD2DivX is a shell-script which can automatise DVD to DivX ripping and encoding. It's basend on mencoder tools.

Last Release Notes:   dvd2divx V 4.0.0-1 - A. Gibert - 2010/02/17

- Major code rewrite,
- New command line interface,
- Args major reorganisation,
- Add x264 codec support,
- New video quality presetings (vqual),
- Add crop support,
- Add OSD sub title support,
- Add extra vcodec option support (vopts),
- Add id support in alang option,
- Add volume control option,
- Fix audio encoding in vfp mode and in 2a or 2s video mode,
- Fix video aspect by using "-force-avi-aspect",
- Add documentation into ReadMe.txt file.

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