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A generic list/tree manager C library


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LibNode is a C library which manages generic list and/or tree node structures.

Required by:

LibShMem   LibDataStr   LibMsg   LibLog   IMR   

Last Release Notes:   LibNode V 2.2.0-1 - A. Gibert - 06/06/10

All:		Add support C99 va_arg for curent gcc (4.4.1),
		Add -fPIC flag in .c to .o makefile rule,
LibNode:	Add ND_VA_* macros to help manager varargs,
                Update Managers to use ND_VA_* macros,
		Improve LibShMem support by restricting OpenStruct tracking on local DataStruct (Manager_Ptr != NULL),
		Add example manager template in public node.h file,
NDDemo0:	Add LibNode 2.2 support: Use ND_VA_* macros in manager,
NDBench:	Add LibNode 2.2 support: Use ND_VA_* macros in manager.

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